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Do you want to know a secret?   

Gabriel Misse & Maru Rifourcat return to Hong Kong December 2nd-10th 2019 to share the SECRETS OF THE OLD MILONGUEROS.

SECRETS OF THE OLD MILONGUEROS is their unique 18 hour program and Grand Milonga Saturday December 7th with DJ Randy Chen of Taiwan providing the music.

SECRETS OF THE OLD MILONGUEROS is a program that goes beyond teaching the steps to offer tango lovers of all levels and backgrounds a deeper appreciation of not only how to dance but the stories behind those steps and insights into the OLD MILONGUEROS who created them.

Gabriel Misse is a virtuoso among tango dancers who can trace his influences directly back to the OLD MILONGUEROS; Todaro, Pepito Avallaneda, Pupi, Petaca and others.

Our classes are 2 hours long and feature 30-45 minutes of tecnica before introducing the steps or movements.

Our SECRETS OF THE OLD MILONGUEROS WEEKEND December 6th-8th features 6 hours of classes AND the Grand Milonga which you can book as a package or as individual classes.   This seminar also offers insights into the music, the words, the construction of the songs along with steps directly linked to the OLD MILONGUEROS who taught Gabi from the age of 7.

Join us for a unique tango experience that has gained a cult following since Gabi's first Hong Kong visit in 2012.


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