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Esteban Moreno & Claudia Codega 阿根廷探戈神級大師將於12月1至6日來港舉辦探戈工作坊與舞會, 一個不能錯過的探戈盛事!


EC將於12月2日晚上的舞會中展示他們的舞姿,是次表演將是大師在港期間唯一的演出。 EC是具有舞台震撼力的探戈舞者,也是全球公認的頂級探戈大師. 這次來港演出定必凝聚所有熱愛探戈的舞者們參與這次探戈盛事,大家要快快報名預留您們的位置啊!


workshop.triospin.com 您可細閱關於工作坊、舞會詳情及下載報名表或填妥網上報名表格https://goo.gl/forms/kuTkeGphdVv7DpMr2

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Esteban Moreno & Claudia Claudia to Hong Kong 1 to 6 Dec 2017

The EyC Trio Spin Tango Workshop 2017 consists of 12 hours of group lessons and a Grand Milonga showcasing the only performance by the Maestros during their forthcoming stay in Hong Kong.

The topics of group lessons are specially designed which aims for inherit innovation. The class topics focusing on developing more possibilities in our body movement, deep understanding of Tango elements, explore the way to add new approach for traditional moves and dancing with the music.

Workshop are now open for enrolment! Please remember to enrol on or before 18 Oct 2017 to enjoy the early-bird privilege.

Please visit our website workshop.triospin.com for detailed information of Tango workshop and Milonga. You can also download the registration form or fill in the online Registration Form https://goo.gl/forms/kuTkeGphdVv7DpMr2

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EC Workshop
EC Workshop

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