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Damian Boggio is invited to HK to teach DJing since 2009. Most HK tango DJs nowaday learns from him and are influenced, inspired by his DJ skills.


Damian Boggio is a tango DJ and organizer of milongas 

since 1999. From 2000 until 2010 he has been DJing at the classic milongas of Bs. As., such as "Salon Canning", "La Nacional", "El Beso", "Porteno y Bailarin", "C.I.T.A." 2002-2003-2004, "The night of Carlos Gavito", "Plaza Dorrego" ( San Telmo, Buenos Aires ). He has travelled the world as a DJ of Tango, giving classes and lectures on the music of Tango Argentino, developing his own approach for making his students appreciate the essence of Tango music.


Workshop Schedule: (T.B.C)


18th Sep (Fri) 9pm-11pm

D1: Tango Music knowledge for Dancers

19th Sep (Sat) 2pm-4pm

D2: Tango DJ Logic and Music Arrangement: From Basic to Advanced

20th Sep (Sun) 4:30pm-7pm

D3: Tango Practica with Real-time Commentary of Tandas played by DJ Damian from 5pm-7pm

21th Sep (Mon) 8:30pm-10:30pm

D4: From A to A+: Non Traditional Tangos, Mix Tandas, etc.


19th Sep (Sat) 9:30-2am

Grand Milonga with DJ Damian Boggio


please visit our website for more details:



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Argentine Tango can be danced most days of the week in Hong Kong and Taipei.


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